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Temptation's approach and God's way of dealing with it.

By Thomas E. Cunningham

Temptation is heightened when the imagination dominates over the sound mind. It implants vain thoughts within the mind and delights secretly in its contentment. When we indulge with desire in thoughts of forbidden things, we become prepped to fall. When it cannot be fulfilled legitimately under the circumstances of being new in Christ, we can find ourselves in Temptation’s next phase: moving from being tempted to tempted! Let this book take you back to where it all started in the Garden of Eden.

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Dr. Cunningham captured my attention beginning with the title of the book! His approach was creative and unique, as he starts out with an “interview with Eve”! He really draws you in and you can imagine what Eve possibly thought and you will feel the raw emotion of what she may have experienced. The interview with Eve was a perfect segue into making us think about temptation in our own life. Dr. Cunningham concludes with letting us know that we don’t have to succumb to our temptations because God has and will provide a way of escape! Beautiful job and well written Dr. Cunningham. We can’t wait to read and hear more from you!


I really like the dialog between the writer & Eve. There are so many thought provoking things in the book I had to take my own notes. I've learned that giving into temptation is a choice but that God definitely has given me the power to turn away from my temptations & live a life that's pleasing to Him...HALLELUIA & thank you for all the insight!!!


If you ever wondered why Eve gave in to temptation, you're about to find out. This book let's you in on a private interview with the author and Eve. Through tears remembering the painful incident after she ate from the forbidden tree and the emptiness she felt after loosing the close connection she and Adam had with God, to a triumphant smile knowing that God had a greater plan, this book will make you understand why Eve was comfortable talking to the serpent. You will become more aware of temptations the devil uses to try and destroy God's creation like he did from the very beginning in the Garden of Eden. When you finish reading this book, you will realize that you CAN overcome temptation and walk away victoriously.


I’m already on chapter 3 and I can say so far this is a great book. It’s amazing how Mr.Cunningham breaks down the interview questions to Eve and how she responded. I’m enjoying this book so far. THANK YOU!

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How does the concept of temptation challenge our views of self-control, morality, and personal responsibility? Response: The concept of temptation presents a profound challenge to our understanding of self-control, morality, and personal responsibility. Secondly, temptation often involves ethical dilemmas, it challenges our understanding of integrity and faith in the Lord. It also forces us to consider the consequences of our actions on ourselves and others. Lastly, when confronted with temptation, we are faced with the responsibility of owning our choices and actions. When we succumb to temptation it leads us to rationalize our behavior or shift blame onto external factors, avoiding accountability.

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Dr. Thomas E. Cunningham was born and raised in Maryland where he now lives with his sweetheart Candace. He is the Founder of T.C. Community Development Services Inc. and the Assistant Director of All Things Autism LLC, which is a mentoring service for families with children with Autism. Thomas  loves teaching, counseling and mentoring others. When he is not involved in Pastoral care you can find him quietly reading a book or playing golf.

Dr. Cunningham is a pastor, author, counselor, and the founder of Hear The Word Bible Church in Bowie, Maryland. He is a lifelong student of the scriptures and his ultimate goal is always the same; to help Believers break the boundaries of life through God’s word. He is married to his best friend, Candace and they have 3 adult children.

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